Glen Beck & the Drug Cartels !!

This long note is for those of you who do not live in America, or do live in America and do not know who Glenn Beck is! Beck is the latest “hot” personality in the American media these days. This self proclaimed ex-alcoholic hosts the 2nd highest rated talk show in America every weekday at 9-12. He also has his own TV show on CNN, at 8 pm and again at 9 pm, prime US TV time, on every weeknight. As for his politics, Glenn is a middle of the road conservative, who believes in common sense not endorsing either political party in America, describing most US politicians as the “Weasels in Washington”. Overall it’s pretty safe to say Glen is the new coming of Ross Perot, this time just as an informer/educator. As for us Persians, it’s beneficial to know Glen was the first American TV personality to reveal and attack stoning in Iran. Over the last few months, Glenn has been openly fighting the war against terror and terrorism, and begging for Americans to wake-up to the global dangers posed by the Iranian Mullahs and the rest of the Hardcore Islamists. He is of-course openly promoting a regime change in Iran and does a good job distinguishing between the Iranian population and the Arabists. But Glenn’s latest on-taking is what impressed me the most. He is taking on the drug cartels! It was of-course something that was well expected here in America since along with the “War on Terror, “border security” is now on top of all US objectives. It’s been quiet a start, we have already had a US Congressman and a US Sheriff fighting on TV, with Glenn openly insulting the Congressman, who deserved it. It appears that the border town of Laredo in Texas, is basically in the hands of drug traffickers with the local Sheriff fighting a war not quiet supported by the local congressman! This whole story got me thinking about the non existent global war on drug cartels. Who is actually fighting that war? We constantly see people who fight blacks, whites, Zionists, Moslems, Imperialists, communists, neo-cons, left, right, …………. But who is fighting the drug cartels? Why don’t we see any of these good hearted modern day chevaliers, especially the Iranian types, utter a word about this issue, since our country appears to be “station 1” and maybe even a “main terminal” in drug routes. Could it be that this is a “dangerous” foe nobody wants to tackle? That can’t be true, since imperialists, Zionists, communists, capitalists, etc……. are all far stronger than any drug cartel can ever be, yet we see people who are willing to call themselves their enemies. Then what? Why? – How come there is no open challenges to the drug cartels? I think the answer is simple; Terror! It’s because drug cartels “terrorize” their foes, consistently eliminate them, and advertise it widely. Sounds familiar? Certainly does to Iranians, who have lived under a constant “terror” campaign in the last 28 years. I think it’s time we all take sides.

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