In Memory of Parvaneh and Dariush Foroohar

It is the ninth anniversary of Parvaneh and Dariush Foroohar’s savage murder. They were an elderly couple, who had done nothing but to love Iran and to live for it through decades of political and social work. Little did they know that they would eventually die for Iran, too. Many people know about Foroohars’ lifetime political activities. Very few people know that Parvaneh Foroohar was also a gifted poet. I came upon an artist’s weblog last year, where he had composed an eerily beautiful song based on Parvaneh Foroohar’s poem, Shab (night). It is a humble and touching combination of music and poetry. You can listen to the song in Ali Tehrani’s “Daily Songs” website. When you read her poem, you will see how unfortunately accurately Parvaneh Foroohar had predicted the gruesome details of her sad death. Long live their memory.

چه غم آلوده شبي
شبي از دشنه و از دشمن پر
گرده ها زير فشار شب خم
سينه ها از غم شب خسته و زار
نه نسيمي، نه نواي مهري
نه اميدي، نه صداي پايي
شبي اينسان خاموش
شبي اينسان خونين
شبي اينسان ز كژانديشي پر
در كدامين تاريخ ، مي توان دیگر يافت
در همه خلوت اين شام سياه
وندرين ظلمت محض
به كدامين اميد، مي توان ديگر بود
به كدامين فرياد مي توان سينه سپرد
به چنين تيره شبي ، نتواني آويخت
ژنده پيراهن خويش
خشم طوفان مددي
رعد و بوران سببي
تا بميراني ديو، تا بسوزاني دد
و برآري خورشيد از دماوند بلند

زنده یاد پروانه اسکندری فروهر

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