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Bayruth 1973-1974

When you think your home is safe and well protected,
Even in war a young mother’s life should be respected.
But now I see that this war was not the reason.
Jalousie and greed were the basis of this treason.

In memory of my mother ( Leila from Egypt)

At this moment I own and operate a dressage stable called

We have 7 very talented horses. I bring these horses into the Dutch dressage circuit.

My father was not at home when my mother was killed, this happened when I was 2 years old in Bayruth between 1973 and 1974.

I ended up with a Dutch woman who was in Bayruth at the time my mother was killed.

I have a picture of me that was taken only days after I arrived in Holland.

Will send the picture on request.

If you know somebody from aroud 60 years old that fits this description, please let me know.

I was told to look in Sweden and the USA.

Kind regards,

Leila’s in Holland

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