Our Mothers, Sisters, and Daughters


When Justice Was Meted Out ..
The Shortness of Stick Was Obvious ..

To Our Mothers ..
Daughters ..
Sisters ..
And all The Women of Iran ..

As A Man, ..
I am Embarassed of The Atrocities Towards You ..
The Beatings ..
The Humiliation ..
The “Subjugation” ..
And Finally,
The Very “Breaking” of Your Spirit ..

I Ask You My Fellow Men ..
Is Justice Gender-Biased? ..
Is The “Humanity” of A woman Less Than Us? ..
Is the Mother Who Gave Birth to Us Less Than Our Father? ..
Is the Very Essence of Creation and Love to Be Belittled for Her “Physical Weakness”? ..

As For Me,
Though I am Just One Person ..
I would like To Bow My Head ..
And Ask For Forgiveness ..

A Nation “DOES NOT” Truly Reach Its Full Potential ..
Unless The Very Essence That Gives Life To It Is Raised High ..
A Society does Not Achieve True Greatness ..
Until its Womb Of Creation Is “Exalted” ..
Mankind Will Be “Sub-Human” ..
Without The “Feminine” Spirit Being Fully Manifested ..

And Finally,
Life Itself ..
Comes from A “Woman” ..

Let’s “Honor” It ..

Copyright ©2007 Shae’r

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