The Attack On Iran Is Not Only Economic and Political

The attack on Iran is not only economic and political, but also cultural and historical. The very foundations of Iran are being attacked covertly, with help from the same Western powers that would like to see Iran crippled economically and politically.

The very essence of a people are their culture and history, and what better way to destroy a people and a nation than to rewrite their history and make themselves their own enemies? This is being done now, as it has been down since the advent of imperialism and colonialism.

How many Iranians know that the myth of Islam being forced on Iranians by Arabs was propogated in Iran by the British during their stay in the Middle East? How many Arabs know that their hatred of Iranians was incited by the British at the same time? How many Iranians and Arabs know that the whole Persian Gulf naming dispute was created by the British in order to widen the gap between Iranians and Arabs? These are just a few examples.

The idea is to divide and conquer, and it has worked over and over again all around the world, with Africa being the hardest hit by it.

Imperialism and colonialism may appear to have ended, but it is still on going, and the same imperialist and colonialist countries are continuing to add fuel to the fire.

Seperatists and terrorist groups are being funded to literally rewrite the history of Iran. Many Iranians have already been fooled, many dont even know much about the history and culture of Iran to begin with.

With the popularity of the Internet, historical revisionists are able to rewrite history easier than ever. There are hundreds of sites dedicated solely to attacking Iranian culture and history.

This can only stop if we educate ourselves and show the world that we will not stand by and let our history once again disappear on the world stage.

At this rate, however, in one hundred years there will be no Iran, and its history will be so skewed that it would be unrecognizable.

If you support a military strike on Iran, fine, if you support sanctions against Iran, fine, but please, do not support or allow the destruction of Iranian history and culture, which has absolutely nothing to do with the current government.

What will it take for people to see the severity of the situation? Would a list of historical revisionist propaganda that is being pushed forward at this moment help?


Saied Toossi

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