The “Future” of Our Country

The “Tyranny” of The “Mullahs” ..
All But 29 Years Old ..

The “Masses” Awaiting ..
A “Positve” change For Our “Country” ..

Youth Being “Born”, With “No Idea” of The “Past” ..
No “Shah”, No “Savak” ..

All Their “Experience” ..
Encircled With “Tyranny” ..

The “Great” People Of “Iran” ..
Wondering When Is “Ever” This Going To come To An “End” ..

When Are The “Mullahs” Leaving ..
When Is The “Breeze” of Freedom Passing By ..

When Is The “Aspiration Of The “Masses” Restored ..
The “Dark” Cloud “Removed” ..

I “wonder” ..
I “Cry” ..
The “Spirits” of “Iran” Past “Beckon” Me ..
The Glory of What It “Was” Hound Me ..

The “Arabs” ruled Us For 200 Years ..
But The Greatness of Our “Culture” Defeated Them ..

Although We Are A “Muslim” Nation ..
We Were “Always” Iranian First ..

The “Tyranny” of These “Mullahs” ..
Has “Prostituted” A Great “Religion” Like “Islam” ..

With Masses “Shivering” With “Disgust” ..
Prophet Muhammad Is “shaking” In His “Grave” ..

O’ Mullahs’ O’ Wrath Of The “Earth” ..
May The “Curse” of God Wrap You around ..
With “No” Mercy Upon The “Masses” ..
The “Cruelty” of One human To “Another” ..

Even If “Hussein” came Back to “Life” ..
The “Martyr” of All Martyrs ..
He Would prefer “Yazid” To You ..
The Wrath of “God” all Upon You ..

May God’s Justice Find You in “Shame” ..
May the “Cruelty” of Your Actions Despise You To “Eternity” ..
May The “People” of The World Realize ..
That You Are “NOT” The “Representative” of A Great “Religion” Like “Islam” ..

Our “Country” Is In “Pain” because of “You” ..
The World Is In Horror From Your “Actions” ..
The “Peace” of “God” Is “Not” seen Through You ..
The “Agony” of The “Masses” Reflect That ..

Do Not “Destroy” Our Country ..
Do Not Bring “Shame” To Our “Civilization” ..
“Kourosh”, “Dariush”, and all Our “Great” Patriots ..
“Mossadeq”, “Amir Kabir”, and “Nezamol Molk” ..
Their Bloods “run” Through “Us” ..
Their “Spirits” Dwell Within Us ..

My “Brothers” and “Sisters” ..
These “Bastard” Mullahs Will “Stay” ..
Not Until This “generation” Has “Died” ..
Would There Ever Be A “New” Iran ..

The War in “Iraq”,
Has “Strengthened” Them ..
The War In “Afghanistan”,
Has “Consolidated” them ..

My “Brothers” and “Sisters” ..
The “Folly” Of “America” ..
Has “Played” directly In to Their “Hands” ..

These “Akhoonds” ..
Will “Undoubtedly” Remain ..
For “At Least” Another “Generation” ..

I “Grieve” For My “Country” ..
How “Could” we “Allow” For “Such” A Thing ..
But “WE DID” ..

We Were “Fooled” ..
We Were “Tricked” ..
But We “Are”, Where We “Are” ..

May God Almighty “Forgive” Us For “This” ..
May He “Restore” Our “Great” Nation That We Had ..
May His “Blessings” Never Leave Our “People” ..
May His “Grace” Abound Us “All” ..

My “Brothers” and “Sisters” ..
Many of Us Will “Not” See The Great Iran That Is To Come ..
But Remember ..
Just As A “Seed” Is Put In The “Ground”,
And It Will “Grow” In To A “Glorious” Tree ..
So Will Our “Beloved” Iran ..

Do Not Lose “Hope” ..
Do Not Lose “Faith” ..

Your Brother ..

Copyright ©2007 Shae’r

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