World Full of Idiots

How many idiots can fit on 148,940,000 km² of land? Over six billion. Thats a lot of idiots, I know, and you’d be surprised to know how many different types of idiots we have.

We have all types of idiots: idiots who brain wash children into believing in a magical man in the sky who controls and creates everything; idiots who live in a “democracy” who believe that their society is actually democratic; idiots who live in dictatorships who believe they are living in a democracy; idiots who are super nationalists; idiots who are libertarians; the list goes on and on!

Has anyone ever wondered why the world is the way it is? Its because every single government (except perhaps that of Norway?) is being run by idiots, who control their idiot populations, who in turn support, or dont rise up against, their idiot officials.

Let me see a show of hands, how many of the Iranians (if any) who are reading this were involved, or have parents that were involved, or grandparents that were involved, in ushering in, willingly and happily, an Islamic theocracy in Iran? How many of the Iranians now condemning the Islamic government actually brought them to power. Don’t deny it. Chances are, since the overwhelming majoriy of the Iranian population put their support behind Khomeini, you or some family member of yours was involved.

That makes millions of Iranian idiots doesnt it? Idiots for allowing themselves to be fooled. Would I have made the same mistake, maybe, after all, we are all sheep, we are all idiots.

For allowing oneself to be controlled like a sheep, that makes you an idiot. You believe in religion? Your an idiot. You believe in your politician? Your an idiot. You believe that giving money to a charity is actually doing good to someone in Africa? Your and idiot.

What can we do to save the world? Its simply really. Everyone just
stop. Just stop being an idiot. Look at the world around you and
realize whats going on.


an idiot who is trying to break free.

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