Allied inavsion of Iran

As an Iranian, I can’t wonder if we are headed towards similar events that took place when allies invaded Italy in 1943, after the country was already invaded by the Nazis?

But before I get to that I want to write a paragraph about “Fools”. The most dominant characteristic of fools is that they never fail to behave like fools. The fools in charge of Iran are no exception.

From the first day fools took over Iran they exhibited their foolish and almost always ill-intentions, by devastating the Iranian armed forces and creating a parallel army (Sepah and Basij), loyal to the Mullahs not Iran, very similar to what Nazis and Fascists had done decades earlier prior to WW2 in Germany and Italy, respectively.

In every case, parallel armies were formed via recruitment of heartless and soulless tugs, many of whom released from jails while serving criminal sentences. Showing no mercy or sympathy towards the local population was the biggest attribute of these well paid tugs in an attempt by the oppressors to ìBuyî loyalty!, certainly a foolish move.

Benito Mussolini first became the Prime Minister of Italy in 1922. As Prime Minister, the first years of Mussolini’s rule were characterized by a right-wing coalition government composed of Fascists, Nationalists, Liberals and even two Catholic ministers from the Popular Party, with the Fascists making-up a small minority in his original governments (Are you drawing parallels to what took place in Iran in late 70ís and early 80ís ?).

Nonetheless, Mussolini’s domestic goal was the eventual establishment of a totalitarian state with himself as supreme leader — or “Il Duce” — sounds familiar? To achieve this, Mussolini quickly created his propaganda machine topped by the Fascist newspaper Il Popolo which was headed and edited by his own brother Arnaldo Mussolini.

The executions and the assassinations started almost immediately, followed by devastation of opposition leaders and political parties all towards a totalitarian dictatorship, ruling Italy but not Italian hearts. The Italian supreme leader became bigger and bigger (at least in his mind), surprising very few when he later joined Hitler and the Nazis to form the “Axis” forces, dragging the “happy go lucky” Italians into a war resulting from economical, social, and political gridlocks created by fools on all sides.

It is now 1943, the Italian Supreme Leader Mussolini has totally lost the trust of the Italian population, and Italy is practically invaded by the Nazis to defend it against a potential invasion by the allies. Italian newspapers are full of articles about how allies are exhausted and defeated in every battle, how strong the Italian armed forces (now being compared to the Romans armies of the past) are, and how in case of an attack every Italian will pick arms to defend the motherland! (read the fascists) against any invaders!

The rest is history. Allies enter Italy on September 3rd 1943, and virtually hours later, the Italian armed forces surrenders and declares alliance with the allied forces leaving the Nazis alone. The Nazis did put out a good fight for a while, but stories about quick change-of-face and conversion of Italian Fascists to moderate liberals and socialists is almost comical.

As the allies advanced into Italy, the general population formed partisan militias and joined into the war against the Nazis The Supreme Leader Mussolini was later captured and executed by the Italian partisans attempting to escape to Switzerland.

In review of this history and as an Iranian, I canít help but to wonder about:

1- What was the average Italian mindset, when the allies entered Italy?

2- Who is going to actually fight the allies if they enter Iran?

I will not attempt to answer the first question, leaving you with the task to find some older Italians and seek their inputs. On the second question however, I know the Iranian population, the Iranian armed forces, and even the Iranian nationals within the parallel armed forces (Sepah and Basij) will not lift a finger for the Supreme Leader and his establishment, hence leaving the mullahs with the hired militants rounded up from Lebanon, Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.

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