Defending Our “Beloved” Homeland

As Though the “Devil” Himself Was Around ..
Conspiracy of “Fools” Abound ..

England, US And all “The Rest” ..
In Anticipation of A “Prize” to Be Had ..

Bereft Of Any “Moral” Obligations ..
Greed And Torture “Blazens” Their Spirits ..

The Poor People Of “Iran” ..
Amassed On The Cross Path of “Civilizations” ..

Eager To “Defend” Their Land ..
Sacrifice Their “Beings”, Ashore The Sea ..

May The “Evils” Of Civilizations Burn In Hell ..
May Their “Atrocities” Cling Around Their “Necks” ..

Suffocating Every “Breath” Away ..
As Sounds Of “Justice” Prevail ..

If America “Attacks” Our Beloved Land ..
May Every “Village”,
Every “Hamlet” ..
Every “Street” Corner ..
Become The “Graveyards” Of Their “Fallen” ..

As The Saying Goes ..
“Might Does Not Make Right” ..

God Bless “Iran” ..
The Homeland Of Our “Childhood” ….
May “All” Its Enemies ..
Vaporize “One” By “One” ..

Copyright ©2007 Shae’r


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