The “Rush” of “Passion” To My “Lover”

My Body “Glorious” With Your “Sweetness” ..
From “Whence”, Bereft of “All” Care ..

“Cool” With “Tightness” Everlasting ..
“Enjoyment”, “Spacious”, And “Clad” With “Passion” ..

“Sweetness” Of Your “Scent”, But A “Moment” ..
“Meandering” Throughout My “Body”, “Rapturous” ..

Your “Lips”, “Full” With “Life” ..
“Caressing”,  Gentle, Full “Of” Life ..

“Part” Not Your “Passion”, Dear One ..
Let “My” Loin, Caress Your “Heart” ..

Although We Have “Never” Met ..
Cry No More, “Paradise” Nigh and Nigh ..

Let Your “Lips” Touch “Eternity” ..
Cherish My “Moment”, “Sweetness” Ablaze ..

Let Your “Womanhood”, Rise in “Passion” ..
“Hold” My “Sweetness”, Raw and Wide ..

“Raw” and “Wide”, “Raw” and “Wide” ..
May Our “Sweetness” Merge, “Raw” and “Wide” ..

Copyright ©2007 Shae’r

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