Collective Wisdom- “Rest” My “Sister”

As The Weed, May The Light Of “Sun” Shine Upon It ..
The Passion of The “Sea” ..
“Tumultuous” Though It May Be ..
May Rise ..

Calculating The Fervor of The “Moment” ..
With A “Flower” In Hand ..
Amid The Heat of The “Moment” ..
“Bereft” Of All “Responsibilities” ..

Tell Me My “Sister” ..
As You “Experience” The Torrent Of “Passion” ..
As Though You May Be,
With “Many” Men ..

Does The “Suffering” of The Moment ..
Clinging On To You ..
Your “Vagina” Swollen ..
Mark Your “Salvation” ..

At The “End” of The “Day” ..
With “Money” In “Hand” ..
Your “Dignity” Gone ..
Alas, But For Few Pieces of “Silver” ..

Oh Rest, Oh Rest ..
As “Eternity” May Be “Far” ..

Not Knowing “Full Well” ..
When The “End” May Come ..

Walk Along “My Sister” ..

Copyright ©2007 Shae’r

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