Is “Love” Eternal? – Perhaps

As I “Suckled” From My “Mother’s” Breast ..
“Nourishment” For My Very “Being” ..

The “Cherishment” of the Very “Moment” ..
No “Angst” In “Sight” ..

As I “Look” In To My “Lover’s” Eyes ..
“Nothing” But The “Passion” of The “Moment” ..

As I “Look” In To My “Creator’s” Eyes ..
“Unabashed” about “Anything” ..

The “Juice” Of “Creation” Running “Everywhere” ..
The “Impulse” To “Live” Paramount ..

I “Ask” Myself What Is The “Glue” ..
That “Holds” Everything “Together” ..

The “Joy” Of “Creation” ..
The “Sorrow” Of The “Moment” ..
The “Passion” Everlasting ..
And Finally ..
Our “Very” Physical “Death” ..

“Death” Is The Proper “Extension” ..
Of A “Life” Well “Lived” ..

My “Brethren” ..
Fear of “Death” ..
Is “No” Different ..
From “Fear” Of ..
Being “Born” ..

“Cherish” The “Very” Moment You Are “In” ..
Even “Solomon” With All His “Wealth” ..
And All The “Kings” Past With Their “Glories” ..

Can “Not” Create ..
The One “Very” Sweet Moment Of “Bliss” You Are In ..

“Wherever” You “Are” ..
“Whatever” You “May” Be “Doing” ..
“Whomever” You May “Be” With ..

“Cherish” This “Very” Moment ..

Copyright ©2007 Shae’r

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