Be “Faithful” To Your “Calling”

At The “Very” Dawn of “Creation” ..
“Before” The “Seed” Of “Humanity” Was Ever “Born” ..

The “Very” God of “Creation” ..
Us But “Nothing” But A “Dream” ..

“Before” The “Stars” and “Skies” and The “Heaven” ..
“Nothing” Of “Creation” In “Sight” ..

“Angels” All Awaiting In “Heaven” ..
The “Glory” Of “Creation” Yet To Come ..

“You” Were In “God’s” Dream ..
The “Very” Person That “You” Are ..

Long “Before” Your “Parents” were “Born” ..
Your “Seed” Of “Creation” ..

“Although” Invisible ..
Was “Waiting” In “Heavens” ..

My “Brethren” ..
Just As That “Seed” Is “Unique” ..
So “Are” You ..

Your “Very” Essence ..
Although “Ordinary” ..
Yet It “Is” Extraordinary ..

The “Task” At “Hand” For “You” ..
Is “What” You Were “Born” With ..

If “Beethoven” Had refused to be “Himself” ..
There Would Be No “Wonders” of “Music” ..

If “Ferdowsi” Had Refused To “Be” The “Poet” ..
Our “Culture” would have Been “Poorer” For It ..

My “Brothers” and “Sisters” ..
If You “Fail” To Be “What” You Were “Created” To Be ..
Your “Essence” of “Creation” Would Have “Fallen” Short ..

Be “Whatever” Your “Heart” Leads “You” ..
Have “No” Fear ..
Do Not Be “Deceived” By “Wealth” ..

A “Few” Pieces of “Silver” ..
Are Not “Worth” Your “Soul” ..

“Finally” ..
“Give” A “Hand” To A “Brother” That Is “Lost” ..

If “God” Has “Blessed” You With “Your” Bliss ..
“Help” Someone To “Find” Theirs ..

 Be “Always” A “Blessing” ..

Copyright ©2007 Shae’r

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