The “Inevitability” Of “Fate”

As The “Universe” Informs “Us” ..
The “Question” always “Is” ..

From “Whence” ..
“Does” My “Control” ..
“Emanate” ..

“Faith” Everlasting ..
“Tells” Us ..
The “Depth” of “Creation” ..
Had “Knowledge” Of “Our” Every “Move” ..

In All “Earnest” ..
Where does “God” End ..
And, “Man” Begin ..

To “Those” Of “Great” Faith ..
The “Sovereignty” Of God Is “Obvious”
Without Whose “Plans” ..
Nothing “Exists” ..

With The “Thinking” Man ..
The “Inevitability” Of One’s Action ..
“Is” But “Paramount” ..

My “Brother” ..
The “question” Is “Not” Really ..
On “Man’s” Will ..
“Against” Predestination ..

The “Question” Should Be ..
As Said “Henceforth” ..
Where Does “God” End ..
And, Where Does “Man” Begin ..

As For “Me” ..
The “God” of “Creation” Is “Within” Me ..

It “Begins” With “Me” ..
It “Ends” With “Me” ..

With “Beauty”,
“Magnificence” ..

“Awe” ..
And, “Reverence” ..

Copyright ©2007 Shae’r

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