Sex and Iranian girl/women’s dilemma.

Last Sunday, my brother, our cousin and their friend Sahba were at our home for dinner. All these guys are in their mid to late Thirties and single.

None of them is a Goerge Clooney or Brad Pitt double, but all are relatively good looking and successful and two of the 3 have great hair.

My brother started dating Iranian women around 4-5 years ago after he started feeling more Iranian. The other 2 guys have dated Iranian girls exclusively since they “discovered” girls at age 15.

The three of them were discussing how quickly dating and relationships ends up in sex. I have been married for 27 years and my wife was my first and last girlfriend. So, I am very out of touch with the dating scene other than what I hear.

But apparently these days, having sex on the 3rd, 2nd or even the first date is normal. I would have accepted this about American women without any hesitation. But Iranian women, first or second date?! Wow. Good thing I don’t have a daughter.

What these three clowns were making fun of was what the girls/women tell them after the sex; “oh, I have never done this before, I don’t know what came over me” or the crying, or crying sometimes accompanied by getting dressed and pretending to want to leave; out of shame I guess.

Sahba was saying that he can now even predict with scientific accuracy how long after the sex the remorseful statements and crying etc etc starts, depending on the girl, her age and most times how much alcohol has been involved.

My wife was listening to these stories and statements and naturally defending the women’s position. That if a man has sex on the first date, we congratulate him but if a woman does it, we call her a slut.

I agree. There should not be any difference between men and women.

But what I and the 3 “man sluts” discussing this whole issue don’t understand is why the women have to bring up the stories about how they had never done this before. Don’t think for a moment any of the guys will buy your stories.

In my opinion, if you are going to have sex with someone you just met but you are attracted to, hell, enjoy it. Don’t ruin the enjoyment with guilt.

Thats my opinion. What is yours.

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