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I just came across this blog where the author lists the no-nos of behavior in a sexual relationship for women. I personally think a lot of the items on the list are right on the spot, and some could specifically apply to Iranian women more than others.

I have translated the list for those who can’t read Farsi (or Parsi, or Persian, or whatever!). Here it is:

Turn-offs for men:

1- Women who act like they don’t like sex/love-making.
2- Women who never “start”.
3- Women who don’t know enough about the male body.
4- Women who leave the task of reaching sexual climax all to men.
5- Women who act like police in bed (“akh dardam gereft, aroom bash, lebasamo in towri dar nayar kharab mishe, ye zarre bia in taraf, injoori na, oonjoori na, are, na, to hichi nemifahmi…”)
6- Women who just lay there and act like a corpse.
7- Women who talk too much in bed.
8- Women who don’t take much care of their beauty and health (dirty long hair, hairy legs, smelly mouth, presence of mustache, smelly sweat, overdone hair, smelly intimate parts, fat belly, rough skin, a face covered with make up and cream and what have you, dirty nails, etc.)
9- Women who don’t like their own looks and nag about themselves all the time.
10- Women who are too sensitive about their own looks.
11- Women who don’t like to “receive”.
12- Women who use their tongue too much while kissing.
13- Women who are too serious in general.
14- Women who are overly dependent on their men.
15- Superficial women.
16- Women who only care about a man’s financial situation.
17- Women who use their body and/or sex to play with/tease men.
18- Women who talk about their ex(es) all the time.
19- Women who are not sexually self-inhibited.
20- Women who wear ugly underwear.

I wonder what the readers of think about this list. Do these items apply to Iranian women? Are Iranian women better than Iranian men when it comes to attracting the opposite sex or behaving the way they ought to in bed, or even more, in a relationship?

Please be sincere in your replies!

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