Cheney’s Sophistry Exposed

Make sure you check out this important report by Professor Roger Stern of Johns Hopkins University regarding Iran’s oil reserves. In a nutshell the paper entitled, The Iranian Petroleum Crisis and United States National Security, concludes that Iranian oil production in the next ten years will impair, perhaps irreparably Iran’s capacity to export oil and with increasing domestic demand as a result of a rising population, Iran’s reserves will be predominantly utilized for satisfying domestic consumption.

If this is correct it clearly exposes Cheney’s sophistry, since one of his go-to arguments in drumming up support for his next imperialist misadventure is that Iran could only be pursuing a nuclear weapons program since as the mendacious rhetorical question goes: what need does Iran have for peaceful nuclear energy with huge oil reserves at its disposal? This is little more than specious sophistry; the exact same kind of sophistry invoked by Cheney and his zealous neocon foot-soldiers to ready the US public and a compliant media for war against Iraq. Please let’s not be duped and lied to once again.

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