“Shadows” Of Life – Fighting “Darkness”

As The Wind Whirls, Catapulting Every Spec ..
Unbeknownst To Anyone, Yet Known To All ..

Darkness And all Shadows, But ever Present ..
Lingering Behind, Embracing Every Move ..

My Mother, My Nurturer, My Very Being ..
Protection Abound, Evils Present ..

For Every Step “Forward”, Evil Thoughts And Compulsions ..
Trying To Hold Us Back, Fighting Ensues ..

My Spirit Pushes Me Forward, The “Complexes” Exist ..
Holding Me Back They Do, Deliberate And Strong ..

My Spirit Compels Me, To Be Like God ..
All Treacheries Of The Past, Weigh Me Down ..

As The Spirit Of God, Embraces Every Action ..
Fought By Weakness Of Man, By And By ..

All Beauty, Wonder, Ecstasy, All Abound ..
The Weakness Of Flesh, All But Mesmerizing ..

The Depths Of Things Unknown, Unfathomable ..
The Depths Of Things Known, Limited ..

The Curiosity For Things Unknown, Immeasurable ..
The Balance For Bliss, Limitless ..

My Brother, Pick Your Fights “Wisely” ..
Waste Not Your Energy, Neither Your Talent ..

Every Move That You Make, Affects The Whole Universe ..
Unbeknownst To All, But It Does ..

Pursue “Light”, Avoid “Darkness” ..
“Darkness” Enticing, Yet Kills The Soul ,..

Come My Lover, Embrace My Righteous Deeds ..
Forgive My dark side, Embrace My Light ..

As The Night Is To Day, And My Lover to Me ..
Let’s Shed Our Darkness My Love, Pursue Light ..

Come My Sweet One, Embrace My Love ..
Let’s Become One, Avoiding Darkness ..

As The Angels “Surround”, Protecting Us From Darkness ..
Let’s Do Our Part, And “Seek” The Light ..

Come My Brother, Let’s Seek The Light ..
God’s Glory Is Waiting, Let’s Seek The Light ..

“Amen” ..

Copyright ©2008 Shae’r

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