Certainty Of “Action” – “Confidence”

As The Whisper, Cometh through With Murmur ..
In An Instant, Certainty Turns In to doubt ..

No doubt In Mind, All Certainty In Place ..
Doubters Hovering Overhead, Disrupting The Peace ..

One Plan, Two Plans, Three Plans, Four ..
All Devised, None Yet Chosen ..

In My Imagination, All “Prudent” ..
No Efforts Wasted, None Too Challenged ..

Some More Difficult Than Others, Yet Not Impossible ..
The Harder The Effort, The Bigger The Prize ..

Don’t Be Narrow-Minded, Not To See The Forest ..
The Tree Important, Yet The Forest Paramount ..

Maintain Yourself Open, All Possibilities ..
Nothing Too Small, All Achievable ..

Remember, My Brother ..
What You Least Expect, Will Come Through ..

The ways Of The World, “Strange” ..
Most Likely, Will Not ..

Come My Lover, Our Love For “Certain” ..
Our Passion “Immense”, Yet Our Love For “Certain” ..

As The Great Sa’adi, Hafez, And Mowlana Said ..
The ways Of The World “Strange”, Indeed They Are ..

As The Love Of Khosrow To Shirin, And Leili To Majnoon ..
So Is My Love To My Lover, By and By ..

The World Can Come To An End Tomorrow, Yet I Won’t Wince ..
All Can End, Yet I Won’t Wince ..

I Have Taken My “Pleasure”, With Much Gratitude In “Heart” ..
All can End, Yet I Won’t “Wince” ..

All Heaven Can dissolve In To Hell, Yet I Won’t “Wince” ..
Jesus can come back A Second Time, Yet I Won’t “Wince” ..

All Prophets, Can say Their “Teachings” A Joke ..
I May Be Surprised, But Not “Disappointed” ..

Your “Confidence” Is Within You, Not In “Holy” Books ..
I Am My “Holy” Book, All “Within” Me ..

Come Dance With Me My Brother, All Certainty Of Action ..
Let’s Not Tarry A Moment, All Ready To Happen ..

The Angels Of God, Looking Over You ..
With “Certainty” In Hand, They Look Over “You” ..

Come My Lover, Kiss Me Over My Lips ..
Let’s Not tarry A Moment, Kiss Me Over My Lips ..

God’s Plan Not Ours, Yet His To Execute ..
I Am My God, God Is Within Me ..

Have “Confidence” In Your Heart My Brother, Hold “Steady” ..
Your Time Is Coming, Hold “Steady” ..

Hold Steady, My Brother ..
“Your” ..

“Time” ..
“Is” ..

“Coming” ..

Copyright ©2008 Shae’r

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