UPDATE Hoveyda’s Infamous Interview on French TV

French Journalist Christine Ockrent gives her account of the fatal interview which was said to be greatly responsible for the Shah’s Prime Minister Amir Abbas Hoveyda’s execution.

Christine Ockrent interviewed on French Talk Show “On est pas Couché” by Host Roland Ruquier and columnist’s Eric Zeymour and journalist Michel Polac ( who was once married to a family member of Hoveyda’s family and lived two years in Iran in the early 1970’s):

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The infamous interview of Amir Abbas Hoveyda the Shah’s Prime Minister by French Journalist Christine Ockrente which was greatly criticized as being indirectly responsible for Hoveyda’s execution because of what was considered as Ockrente’s aggressive and nearly accusatory tone and questioning done before Hoveyda’s trial was even undertook.

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Ockrent later became the Prime Time Anchor on French TV’s Channel 2 for a decade. She is married to France’s current foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner ( also creator of Doctors without Frontier’s). She explained her personal account of what actually happened and the circumstances of the controversial interview with Hoveyda in a chapter of her book “La Memoire du Coeur” entitled “The Execution” which is available on amazon.fr

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