How do we decide who is Iranian?

I was reading the blog about arrest of six Bahai’s in Iran,then I glanced over comments, and it caught my eye.

This” Irandost”person wrote:

“”These people are not obeying the law. Is that a problem, It is for other people. Government job is to use the fundations that set up with majorty and respond to those whom they don’t want to follow it.
They have choice to leave our country. They have done that. If they want to stay there, they either have to work with other 90% and change the law.
Otherwise, they are just whinning and complaining. I asked on my first posting, you should allow this thing play out.
Ok, let’s assumed, they are right 200 or so of these people has been killed due to breaking the law and let’s say, there 300,000 of them.
That is small % of them. It will match with same % of general population whom are criminals. You are telling me there are 0 crimnals on this population. They are all innocents and best citizen of country. I tell you odd is against that statement.
They are just too loud. This small % of criminal exist on all the societies.””

Please read it ,and tell me if I am being considered an Iranian ?I have a dilemma!! Since I have a handful of dust from the city that my father was born and it was sent to me by my brother as a gift to accompany my body in my final resting place.It was an statement by him indicating that my dust should get mixed with the dust of my beloved hometown and country.

Now this person has the nerve to call me an outsider! Am I really an outsider because I am a Bahai?



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