Set of Questions for all Iranians

A valid set of questions for an Iranian to ask are. Try to answer them as honestly as you can or find the answers by researching:

Does the Iranian government, whether you like them or not, have a Right to practice their way of influence in the region?

Does the region belongs to the countries that occupy the area? If not why?

Does the US have a Right to implement her own policies the way they see it fit? Should any country in their own region stand against that move? If not why?

Why should Iran agree with the US?

Do we arrive to a democratic Iran by supporting a US domination of Iran and the Middle East?

Do majority of the people in Iran agree with the current regime or the US policies, or neither? Why?

If Iran under the current regime has a more dominant role in the region, would it be beneficial to the people? Why?

Is Iran a static society or changing dramatically from traditional to modern?

Has the current regime been able to stop the social progress and the will of the people that there is no hope left?

Does the US regional domination and attitude, a help to Iran or against the will and long term benefits of them?

Does the warmonger strategy help or hurt the current regime of Iran?

Do the people of Iran like to feel powerful players in the region or they don’t care?

Are the Iranians a modern nation under a Islamic rule or a traditional nation moving towards modernity with the current regime?

Do Iranians question the bases of Islam and religion because of the current regime or they would’ve regardless?

Should the Iranian people forget about their own ideal society or accept the demands of the powers? Can they arrive to their ideal society without try and error? How do you see that ideal soceity and how do you arrive there?

What happened in 1906? 1953? 1979?

Are the majority of Iranians inside Iran believe and accept Islam as their religion?

Do you think that the Islamic Republic would like its citizens to believe Islamic way is their way? If yes, then bashing Islam to oppose the regime would make people accept the opposition or deny them? who benefits?


Thanks for reading and participating.

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