Left to Rot

I had been left to rot by my American Wife in Iran. She had taken my two year old son to visit her mother and father in California. The plan was organized by her good friends at the American wives in Tehran Club. I was not the only one of their victims, they were trying to free their beloved American sisters from their bondage in Iran, and help them go home to find happiness. The plan was secretive and well thought of. We, the poor Iranian husbands had been well kept in the dark. To make it short, we all kept waiting, and waiting; some were fool enough to take trips to America to talk to our wives and reason with them. The wives had gone back to their old ways, and were taking care of the needs of the horney married fellow country men, with families, and children. It was nice to see that not much had changed in America in my absence. After a respectable amount of insults, and loss of face face, it became clear that the best solution was a friendly divorce. The Mrs., was on the high horse; she had her son at her side. The American divorce courts were on her side. We the ex-husbands had to lose the calves with the nasty pigs. Thank God, the process was fast, and there has been no new victims to her whims, besides, she is 62 years old and no longer a spring chicken. Afterward, I was lucky enough to meet a very kind, lovely, and understanding lady. I married her in 1980, in Long Beach, New York. Life has been blessed, and uneventful during the past thirty years of our lives. My son, who has been under his mother’s thumbs all this time, has digested all her poisons and is now also dumped husband by his lovely wife. He is stocked with with three young daughters. He is a magnified and vicious copy of his mother; I wish him a good luck. He really needs it. At the moment, the mother and the son are in hiding from me in Oregon, I wish the Oregonians a good health and much luck. Who says there is no justice in this world ? Long live all the dumped fathers, may they recover and out live their lovely ex-wives. I remember, a renowned Greek Philosopher saying, when a man marries a good and decent wife, he disappears and nobody hears from him again, but when he marries a total bitch, he becomes a philosopher. Well, here are two philosophers for your for you inspection. Amen

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