Election 2008: The Right Goes to Work!

When the videos of Jeremiah Wright surfaced, an indignant White-Right went to work on what was merely the latest version of off the shelf inevitable “swiftboating” of Obama.

Wright’s comments, while understandably outrageous to common White WalMart America, are merely a method of Sunday Black worship that begins in the presentation of a dilemma, usually something along the lines of, “Why does God allow bad things to happen?”, and then often proceeds to outline the usual moral options Black people have, to handle their situation as a displaced people. If you can imagine having your entire ancestral history and heritage and it’s generations erased at the hands of another. You might get it. If not, you’re White.

Rhetoric-laden examples of a deluded White-Right America, when it comes to the history of the great shame of slavery, naturally leads to US Foreign policy discussions. Even in Church. Especially in Church.

Racism by US foreign policy has in fact not slowed down since the days of slavery. The utter contempt that US foreign policy has shown towards the 3rd world would be merely notable if it wasn’t institutionalized. Just look at this week’s AM Radio reaction to the Supreme Court’s decision that detainees must be given the same rights under the law as Timothy McVee had when he was accused of domestic terrorism. Apparently there is a difference.

There are 2 Americas. A good one, and as history continues to record, a covert foreign 3rd world bad one. The one the Right is trying to piss off against Obama now, as the campaign gets real, is the good one. Because the bad one is covert, and apparently in America today, you have to be either black, or from a 3rd world country, to recognize the bad one.

The surprise and utter denial in understanding just how skewed the rest of the world views the “other face” of America, is simply amazing to watch. The mere mention that the adventurous regime change policies of the past might have some kind of blowback potential, is considered nothing short of heresy. The punishment, branding as a witch, complete with scarlet letter. In this case the letter is N.

Now, having realized they may well have to contend with candidate Hussein in November, armed only with distorted lies about his past, the Right now begins to go to work in earnest, discrediting not only Obama, but a whole race of Americans in the process, popping the lid off the can of worms held deep in the hearts of some, out it comes, showing only that deep-rooted institutionalized racism in America, is alive and well, and soon to be in charge of positioning itself as superior once again.

Right AM (never FM) talkshow hosts eagerly salivate at the prospect of undeniable ratings from a white worker class they pander to by calling them middle class. The Becks, Limbaughs, and Hannitys, chomp at the bit as they bring flawless, logic-proof examples of former Black Panther leaders, the obvious Farrakhan mention, and prepare “the country” for the fear of how dangerous a socialist, but more subtly importantly, Black president will be to the home of the brave and the land of the free (if you’re white).

You see, apparently still today, in America, there is Breeding and then there is breeding.

McCain meanwhile sits on his growing pile of money waiting to unleash his own brand of pent-up subtly vicious venom. He’s certainly got the demented smile down. You know the kind, the kind an old man can get away with.

But don’t mistake any of McCain’s comments for wisdom. As has been admitted by even those close to him, including some of the AM jockeys, he has no plan for America. That’s why he has eagerly sold off what principle he may have had once, to the apparatchiks of current Power, to gain their backing and the Right’s in order to win.

He is on his personal “last mission”. An attempt to redeem what he is clearly carrying with him as a his personal demon since his self convicted failure to resist his crumbling under the torture he faced when he was shot down in Vietnam in 1967. Tortured and tormented for 5 years, McCain finally broke, and was recorded admitting he was a war criminal to millions of Americans on the worst weapon ever developed, television. His failure to resist surrender has eaten at his soul ever since. And it eats him still, today. Slowly surely, as he channels his pain into his alternate plan, civil service, and the ultimate gift of redemption, achieving the Presidency. But it is only to attain some sort of afterlife forgiveness from his Father and Grandfather.

Clearly, he feels the 3rd son’s shame of a 3-generation military family’s broken pride. As the last son failed to live up to the hero duties laid out unfairly 2 generations before him, in that first other unjust war in the jungle, that only became a mathematically guaranteed result of failure. A culmination of old men living beyond their history, running a new war in their old way. Putting their own sons literally in the very harm’s way they created.

As McCain closes his final chapter, he now hopes to end it fully redeemed. But forgiveness for the failure of a son to live up to unfair expectations? The look of tense concern in McCain’s face scares me as he works out his plan to meet his Father and Grandfather somewhere up there. So close to his prize, I fear the young Airman who lost his will under torture so many years ago, fears that he might very well let himself down once again. This time to a state of the art candidate, one built for the right speed, at the right time. The right blend of blood.

The possibility of this chapter in the McCain family history ending sadly, is something McCain cannot allow. So he appears to be doing everything in his power, summoning any alliance he thinks might work, including the many devils hovering indifferently around him. Possibly recreating the expectations under which he has shown at least once before, he may not be able to live up to.

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