Donkey Riders

For the past 2500 years, Iran has been attacked and taken over by the Greeks, Turks, Russians, British, Arabs, Mongols, and too many others to mention, directly or indirectly. We survived them all with some scratches and recoverable injuries, we adopted and became admirer of Alexander the great, Changiz Khan, Taymor Khan, the Russian Tsars. Also went to bed with the British and the Americans, it was only a one sided sex Their only interest in the recent century has been our oil, and the access to the warm oceans. We have been only like a loos whore whose only single talent has been in demand. We saw dynasties come and go, national governments over thrown by the street hooligans and tugs who were from our own community. We survived them all and after a reasonable period, we recovered. I am afraid that our experience with the last supposedly Iranian revolution experience is not going to be as harmless as the the previous ones. God bless Changiz and his descendants, who saved us from the Arabs. There are no more God fearing and decent people left in the world who would come selflessly, and free us from ourselves. The clergy folks, in the sheep dressing have stolen our revolution, and have tasted the good life and the income from oil which is growing larger daily. They want to start a war with America, The only people who will be bombed and killed will be the stupid, but Innocent people who have been waiting for their share from the oil revenue. They have been shafted deeply. As it is said in Persian, as long there are donkeys, there would be donkey riders. With friends like these, who needs enemies, we all have to keep our heads down and be ashamed of ourselves, we are no true sons and daughters of Cyrus the great. May God have mercy upon us the stupids, and take us to his kingdom, and save us from the Ayatollahs and all other riff rafts. Amine.

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