You can’t torture tofu

A customer was telling me and maryam about how these big animal factories raise the meat we eat.  They put chickens in little cages where they can not move and they feed them until they get  really really fat.  They do the same with cows and pigs and these animals too can not move much. They feed them lots and lots of corn mixed with antibiotics. He said these animals are miserable and many of them die due to mistreatment which is similar to torture. I told him that when there were not a lot of people in the world and also people were too poor to buy meat, farmers grew these animals on their land. They were free to roam around and eat healthy grass or peck on seeds.  But now there are millions and millions of people who love to eat meat and have the money to buy meat so the demand has gone way way up.  My economics teacher used to say when demand goes up, people who love money come into the market and supply what is in demand.  In this case it is meat.  What can be the choice. How can we raise cattle and chicken to feed so many millions of meat loving mouths in this country and many more millions overseas and also be 100% humane.  Shotrcuts need to be made. I would think it would be nearly impossible otherwise. The story made maryam cry a lot and now she has decided to become a vegetarian.  I am so proud of her.

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