It is a fact that we Iranians always talk about politics in any public or private occasion. It is partly due to not having a voice in running our own affairs. I believe in democracy and as a researcher like to involve everyone to join in trying to run our own country. Remember big projects always start from drawing board and this is it.

Let’s assume, for some reasons, the situation in Iran completely changed and mullahs decided to pack their bags and run (no government lasts forever).If you were offered the grand task of running Iran (you never know could happen to you) what would you do? By no means, this is going to be an easy task and all the time you should bear in mind that if make mistakes your life and other peoples’ lives may be at risk. Be serious because politics is the art of dealing with crisis and people. Due to the geographical and political situation, Iran inherently has been an unsafe country. What should be done to overcome this? You really need to consider the fact that there is nothing so far done properly. You should consider every aspect of daily life including international issues related to Iran. And finally try to be as realistic as possible. Do you hire other people to do this for you? What if there are not many people who are qualified to do it? Assume you are the brain behind this change of government (and trust me to take over mullahs you need to be a political brain because mullahs have a way of influencing masses and so should you).To help you to decide better you need to consider if you want to be crowned or be a president and why? Both have their own advantages but just choose one. Good luck …..

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