Unemployment day 2

It’s only been 2 working days since I officially resigned and some how it feels like a whole year. That’s a side of working I will never miss, my days are slower and I have time to do so many things. One thing that bothered me was when I woke up I had a flash back of Friday and how I felt during that meeting.

I have decided to do at least 2-3 activity that makes me get out of the apartment. First one is working out and lets be honest I need to work out more, second catching up with all the chores from past and last one is either studying or job finding activities.

I started my day with checking my e-mails, updates and news. It’s such a good feeling to watch news in the morning, make breakfast and still have time to plan my day. I’m still getting e-mails from friends who are offering their help and it’s really helping me to stay positive.

After a long work out today I had 3 messages from recruiters, one of the opportunities was at my previous company I tried very hard to be polite and said no to that one. This time around I want to be careful about my next move; it will be either based on money or personal interest. There was one messages that I have to share was from Obama’s campaign asking me to help them with promoting the democratic party by door to door advertising I had to say no to that one as well.

I spend the rest of the day by playing a 9 hole golf game, fixing my bike and studying, it was a fairly mellow day and god knows that I needed a day like that.

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