Unemployment day 3

This morning again I woke up thinking about last Friday’s meeting again, I just realize how horrible I was treated and I should have done the same thing they did by doing my best to make them look bad. That whole thought process took 10 minutes and after that I was ready to start a new day.

In the past 6-7 years I have accepted working as part of daily life and often I have allowed it to take control of my life so I’m using these days to connect to my root and remember what really makes me happy.

I already have few leads on jobs and many people that have asked for updated resume, so every morning I have to spend at least an hour to catch up with that process. Today it took much longer because I spend a long time talking to a friend from work that was like mentor to me. I really should have asked for her advice during that period of time but we both agreed that no matter what the out came would have been the same.

There is a plus side to not working these days and that Euro 2008, I had missed all the games till this week and today’s game between Germany and Turkey made up for all of them. I love watching sports but soccer (the real football) has a special place in my heart so being able to watch a great game while working out in the middle of the day was priceless.

 I believe that it might take up to a month before I get any responses to my applications, so a call from a HR today was quite surprising. This wasn’t one of those calls to talk about my resume; this was to tell me that there will be an interview tomorrow morning and start a back ground check (already?). So I have an interview tomorrow for a company that I know little about it and a position that isn’t ideal but hey I’m making progress.

After that very surprising phone call I drove to SF for school, tonight’s class is theory of management. I couldn’t wait to see my professor to tell him in reality 90% of management theory never gets practiced even in a much respected institute AKA my last company.  My poor professor really didn’t have much to say and agreed to most of my points; he did say that at some point companies will learn from their mistakes but at the expense of people like me.

After class I was ready to go home and start preparing for my interview but a block before entering the high way a taxi driver told me to check my tire and guess what? I had a tire that was slashed at both sides and if I had drove into the highway it would have exploded and I would have ended up in ER instead of interview. Any other day I would have called this a bad thing but tonight I’m happy and thankful, it could have been a lot worse.

So to sum the third day of my unemployment I have to say it was a good day and with this paste I may have to change the title of my future titles to “new job day 1”

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