will you have a drink with me

one of my iranian customers who also reads the iranian.com asked me yesterday that if i had a choice of going out drinking with anyone on this site who i would go drinking with. well, that was a very thought provoking (my new word for today) question. there are so many nice people here that i would like to meet and know. so last nite i was up all night thinking about this big decision. if i could go out and have a drink or dinner with anyone, i would choose the following.

(1) darius kadivar: because i enjoy to speak to him about cinema and hear him talk about old films and behind the scene stories.

(2) my dear friend ebi amirhosseini: because as i said he is my friend and i want to know the secret of any man being happily married after 21 years.

(3) ali p. because he is so nice that seems to me is a made up person and is not real. I want to meet him to see if he really exists and why he is so nice.

(4) jahanshah javid: becasue he is a brave man with a head full of ideas and is not afraid to make them real. i like to listen to him talk about his accomplishments.

(5) abarmard: he is very interesting and he is so certain about everything he says. i like to listen to him tell me about his opinion on things.

of all the women i will choose only one and that is cherto pert police because women in uniform make me feel sexy all over and i like that feeling a lot.

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