nasser’s story

In the past few days i have received tens or even hundreds and shayad even ten thousand emails asking for nasser’s story on how women got their breasts. well here we are. thank you nasser jan for coming here today to tell your story to my dear friends here on this site. now please sit on this chair and tell it to us.

nasser: chashm.

while god was making the first woman he took a short break. while he was away on his break a UFO landed about three yards from eve-in-the-making. hundreds of little aliens with round soft wobbly heads came down and started poking and prodding the body of eve. they exchanged ideas as to how to improve her boring looks. they all wrote their ideas down and put it in a big hat and the pilot of the craft picked one. it suggested that a round soft wobbly head of a baby alien whose eyes and mouth were not yet developed to be placed on each side of her flat chest. so they did that and they all loved the effect, got into their UFO and flew away. when god came back he looked at the body of eve and loved the two dome things on her chest. but he knew something was missing. initially god had planned the gestation period for humans to be nineteen years in order to spare the parents the pains and suffering they were to experience from their children’s teenage years. but when he foresaw what eve was going to do in the garden of eden he really got angry and totally changed his mind about a lot of things. he decreased the gestation period to nine months, made teenagers even more asinine and pain in the neck and stuck a little brown things on the heads of the aliens and called them nipples. and this was the way god created women with breasts.

This explains why to men, women have from the beginning been a puzzle and enigma. We even sometimes wonder if they are from another planet. now the story has been told. women are in part aliens.

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