The ‘Muslim Smear’ and the New Yorker’s ‘Controversial’ Obama Cover

You can see the New Yorker cover which has caused quite a stink, further escalated by Obama’s people’s remonstrations and unabated whining here at my blog or here at the New Yorker

Apparently 12% of the American electorate still believes Obama is a practicing Muslim, which really comes as no surprise…of course, little questioning or taking issue with the fact that ‘Muslim’, and all its manifold derivations e.g. Muslim apologist, Muslim sympathizer etc…, have now emerged almost entirely in the mainstream as little more than a derogation and smear tactic for political adversaries to sully the reputation of one other (this is something which the Left and the Right understand only too well)…The delectable Naomi Klein wrote about just this issue not too long ago in The Nation, which you can read here>>

The reactions of the Obama camp, however, were overexcited to the point of being hysterical, only revealing their total cowardice and unwillingness to confront the bigotry in their midst pertaining to anything which even has the slightest whiff of Islam…Also Barack, nobody likes a spoil-sport! I have to say that I’m in complete agreement with the New Yorker on this one…the cover is manifestly satirical and is an effort to alleviate and poke fun at the many falsehoods and rumors which populate the net regarding Obama’s background, upbringing and faith…The article in question is entitled The Politics of Fear for crying out loud…if it’s still not clear after such an ‘on the nose’ assertion as to the article’s intent, then I suggest you dispense with the New Yorker and purchase a subscription for either The National Enquirer or FHM

On another note, I highly doubt the 12% in question are New Yorker readers, nor do I think they’re likely to be disabused of their ignorance (especially when denunciations emanating from Obama’s aides only go to stoke the flames of controversy and in some perverse way fuel suspicion that the man ‘really is hiding something’) so why is the Obama camp so bent out of shape about all of this if not out of a overzealous, hypersensitivity vis-a-vis anything Islam-related being linked to the latest and most hip incarnation of the Messiah. Finally, I guess we’re supposed to be elated that Usher is rumored to be performing at this year’s Democratic Convention…Yippee!!! I would add a resounding ‘NOT!!!’ right about now, but I’ve been told that it’s become incredibly passe so I’ll leave it there…

Also for more info check out this video clip:


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