Ever wondered why some Arab & Muslims pundits like our friend here jalelo call Israelis Zionist? You will be surprised to learn the real agenda behind it.

First a brief background.

Judaism was first introduced about 4500 years ago. Christianity (was born) 2008 years ago, and Islam, about 1400 years ago. In fact Qur’an itself, writes about Jews presence in today’s Israel & Jerusalem in period pre-dating Islam.

The name “Palestine” was given by the Roman, after the destruction of the Jewish Second Temple, and forced evacuation of the Jews in 73 AD, from the present state Israel.

Muslims also know that, Jesus himself was a Jew, whom had lived, and preached in Jerusalem, and its surroundings.

Zionism was conceived in 1870 by Theodore Hertzl, a liberal Jewish newspaper editor, in Vienna, Austria. Zionism was a POLITICAL movement when, after witnessing the fervent anti Semitism, and continuous persecution of the Jews in Europe, Hertzl had decided to form the Zionist movement and have Jews return to the land of their ancestors in Israel, where they can live in peace.

Now, the root of the Middle East conflict:

The main argument by which Palestinians, Arabs, and other Muslims make against Israel is, their attempt to demonstrate their self proclaimed “ancestral” presence in Jerusalem and its surroundings. Thus raise the specter and legitimacy of their claim to the land predating the Jews.

Notice that, in the Arab propaganda, any Israeli Jew is called “Zionist”. Arabs repeatedly use the buzz words as “Foreigners” “European Settlers” “Colonial Occupiers”, “Racist” “Apartheid”. All that, in an effort to draw parallel between the Israelis, and the Afrikaans settlers in South Africa. They are conveniently oblivious to the fact that almost 60% of these so-called “European Settlers” had emigrated from the same Arab & Islamic countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa, fleeing persecution from the local Muslim populations .

You see!, If those Arab pundits would call the Israelis JEWS, they then validate and legitimize Israel’s and the Jews ancestry and historical right to the land of Israel. Subsequently discredit their own claim of religious and ancestral precedence and sovereignty over Jerusalem. So, by repeatedly perpetuating the name “Zionist” upon the Israelis, these Arabs attempt to DE-LEGITIMIZE Judaism and the state of Israel altogether, in an attempt to render it as a mere political movement born only 130 years ago.

Good and Honest Muslims conveniently choose to ignore the facts that, Jews had introduced the Ten Commandments to the world more then 2000 years before the introduction of Qur’an itself. Or the fact that Jesus had lived and preached some 650 years before Mohammed was even born. Or the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls- a set of documents created some 1000 years before the birth of Islam. These scrolls were written in ancient Hebrew Language – the very language written and spoken by Israelis today.

More then 18% of the Israeli citizens are Muslims and Christians, all of whom are the same Palestinians from the 1948 Israeli Independence War. They never left their homes in which they still live to present date. In fact they are the ONLY Muslims in the Middle East region who live in democracy and enjoy freedom of expression. Despite that, Arabs continue to accuse “the Zionists” as “Racists” and “exclusionary” society, practicing apartheid policies against non-Jews.

In regards to “Zionism” itself. Arab & Muslim pundits bark at the wrong tree. After fulfilling its mission to repatriate Jews back into their ancestral land. Zionism has been replaced by modern State of Israel. Zionism is just a passe’, a slogan used more by Israel’s detractors, then the Israeli themselves – almost never mentioned by new generation of Israelis.

Israel occupies 0.17% of the land in Middle East & Gulf region, and STILL Israelis are named by Arabs & Muslims, as “Colonial Occupiers” Or called “Immigrants who should go back to their country of origin”. If one uses that logic, the late Yasser Arafat himself the symbol and embodiment of the Palestinian agenda, himself was born and grew up in Egypt. If he did not “go back to his country of birth, why should any Israeli be required to do so?

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