One beautiful Clan, The proud Bakhtiari

The late Soraya Esfandiari Bakhtiari(former empress of Iran)


Bakhtiaris Lor(Bozorg & Kouchak);

he Bakhtiari (or Bakhtiyari, Bakhtyari) are a group of southwestern Iranians in Fars,Lurestan and khuzestan  with their most significant Clan being Naveed Bakh on Zagross mountains.This  clan was partly responsible for putting down the Arab Secessionist movement of Shaikh Khazaal in Khuzistan during the Reza Shah rule.

A small percentage of Bakhtiari are still nomadic pastoralists, migrating between summer quarters (yaylāq, ييلاق) and winter quarters (qishlāq, قشلاق). Bakhtiaris speak Luri, Indo-European closely related to the Luri people and also related to Persian & Kurdish people. Numerical estimates of their total population widely vary between 1.5 million to 2 million.

Bakhtiaris trace a common lineage, being divided into Chahar Lang (Four “limbs”) and Haft Lang (Seven “Limbs”) groups. In Iranian mythology, the Bakhtiari consider themselves to be descendants of Fereydun, a legendary hero from the Persian national epic, Shahnameh.

The Bakhtiari captured Teheran under the Haft Lang Shah Sardar Assad and played a significant role in constitutional reform and the abdication of Shah Mohammed Ali (r. 1907-1909) in 1909, after which he was exiled to Russia. Riza Shah Pahlevi (r. 1925-1941) attempted to destroy the Bakhtiari and they have never fully recovered since that time. They are noted in Iran for their remarkable music which inspired Borodin.

Bakhtiari women have more status and freedom than most Iranian women and many of the daughters of the wealthier families are encouraged to receive at least basic education. Many significant Iranian politicians, governors of provinces and other dignitaries are of Bakhtiari origin.

Thank God for Bakhtiaris to keep the lil flame going for good old Iran.If it wasn,t for us Bakhtiari Lurs and the Kurds They be speaking Arabic in Tehran now .

Some famous Bakhtiaris

Dr A .M Samsam  Bakhtiari (World renowned)

Female Bakhtiari governor of Rhay with full bakhtiari Gear;




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