US troops kill son of Iraqi governor

US troops have killed the son of Hamad Hammoud, the Governor of Salahuddin Province and one of his cousins in northern Tikrit.

“The US forces carried out raids and search operations in the al-Asri neighborhood in Beiji (60 kilometers north of Tikrit) today (Sunday) and killed 17-year- old Hussam Hamad Hammoud and his cousin who was with him at home,” Deputy Governor Abdullah Hussein al-Jabbara was quoted by the Voices of Iraq News Agency as saying.

According to the Iraqi official, US troops “called the Governor Office and confessed to the incident” and the bodies of the two victims are now in a US military base northern Tikrit.

Al-Jabbara said that the Iraqi authority will take “appropriate steps” in the near future.

The US military has said that it would issue a statement on the incident, as soon as it receives enough information on the incident.


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