Mr.Jalili’s flying carpet!

Last weekend’s talks in Geneva on Iran’s nuclear program:Mr.Jalili compared the ongoing diplomacy to carpet weaving that ‘moves ahead in millimetres.’

‘And again, to some extent it is similar to Iranian carpets because it is a very precise work, it’s in certain cases a very beautiful endeavor, and hopefully the end result, the final product, would be beautiful to behold,’ he said.

I wonder what carpet Mr.Jalili has in mind. It reminds me of Penelope’s weaving trick: weave a little, then undo it again at night. And in the meantime, it’s business as usual for the black market uranium traders, dodgy nuclear physics scientists and economic pressures on Iran’s already suffering people. By the way, what business does Mr.McCormack have in addressing the Iranian people about this matter when he knows that they have no say in negotiations or political pressure?

Anyway, in case Mr.Jalili has a fine carpet in mind, I hope it is going to be one that doesn’t fly away once the time comes to answer to the conditions. We’ve seen enough of those weaving tricks I am sure.

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