Mullahs to target dissidents’ family members

The Interrogators of the Ministry of Intelligence have Threatened to Arrest the Children of the Gerayi Family

According to news received from Gohardasht (Rajaishahr) Prison Mr. Alijan Gerayi (50) and his son Mohsen Gerayi, two political prisoners were taken to solitary confinement Section of the Prison on July 6th 2008. This section is under the direct control of the Ministry of Intelligence. They were taken to solitary confinement by an individual named Reza Arefi who had a direct role in their arrest and torture.

Both Mr. Gerayi and his son Mohsen Gerayi were subjected to 8 hours of interrogation by the Ministry of Intelligence interrogators. Raza Arefi subjected Mr. Gerayi to both physical and psychological torture before the eyes of his son. When Mohsen Gerayi objected to the treatment of his father, he was also subjected to brutal torture.

After interrogation these two political prisoners were turned over to Navid Khoyavi who is in charge of Security and Intelligence Service of the Prison. Khoyavi transferred Mr. Alijan and Mohsen Gerayi to solitary cells in the new Section 1 of the Gohardasht Prison, which is the new torture chambers ran by the new prison warden Haj Kazem. Since their transfer to Section 1 there has been no news about the whereabouts of these two political prisoners. This has caused a great amount of concern for Mr. Gerayi’s two other younger children.

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