8/11/2001 Sereen Entered Unites State Negar Entered 2/4/2008


Please see the old images of Ekbatan and new Images of Ekbatan in 2008 from the Official web site of Shahtak Ekbatan… There is no more Green in 1980 to 1988 it had been exposed to Depleted Uranium… by Iraqi and American bombs, Please save Iran and say no more War change is happing in Iran read what happen all over Iran from year 2000. Soroosh Badiei court case is in United state Supreme court 8/11/2001…. he was kept in jail untill 9/11…. YES this is a true story the Son of Jamshid Badiei the most powerful general of Army of Shah.

Do you know there are over 100,000 People in Ekbatan now but there are lots of Islamic spy’s amoung them..

first XXX Web cam shows was Aired in Iran Teharn Shahrak Ekbatan in the year
2000 By Sereen and Negar. The Islamic Spys Leaked the Location and
Sereen Fleed The Country. Negar was not as lucky she was living in
hiding untill 2/4/2008. Sereen and Negar are on death list. Not only they shock Iran and Ekbatan they have Brought Media attention to their stories. on 2004 Sereen did meet Pamela anderson and his images were send to Iran to show the world he break free. The youngest Persian XXX Star is going on tour with Negar all over united State to free Iran.

She is going to supreme Court and her case will be published world wide.

After this show Ekbatan and Shahrak Gharb has not been the same.

People are fighting resisting Arrest and the young people taking Nude images and posting it all over the walls.

The mass-protest action started after
an Iranian girl was being harassed by the
Islamic Republic’s “muslim morality police.” The girl, who was violating the
imposed islamic dress-code, resisted arrest and was subsequently physically
attacked in a savage way by the “morality police.” This prompted bystanders to
take action to free the girl from the regime’s security forces. The patrol cars
on the scene fled soon after being overwhelmingly outnumbered, leaving behind
one of their thugs who was taken care of by the crowd. This occurred in
Shahrak Gharb.


there are many protests in Ekbatan but they need our help…. Please
if you live in USA Do not turn your back on them. change will happen by
new generation…. Nudity and prostituation will free Iran from the
chain of Religous Groups.

Sereen and Negar are the youngest XXX Stars in the world and she and
he break free This message is all over Tehran and every youth is
fighting now.


One person can make a change, Islamic Republic have no power over
Unity. Resist Arrest. Protest and Iran will be free… Not by American
bombs. but People.

Do not Expose Ekbatan to more Depleted Uranium.


look the the images of Ekbatan in 1980… and look the the images of Ekbatan after 1980 and 1988 War…

there is no more Green and tree’s and grasses. and flowers. Depleted Uranium did that please save Iran say no to war. Protest and say no to War.


it is people it is people it is people who can make a change.


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