Growing Threat & Deadline meets growing opposition

The on-line petition for the fictionalized movie “300” received over 55,000 signatures, the issue of “Arabian Gulf” instead of “Persian Gulf” tallied over 855,000 signatures (mine included).

Currently, the “Stop war on Iran” in over a month has attracted less than 6000 signatures.

Tell me what’s wrong with this picture??

It seems as a community we are only interested in “soft” issues and we swarm each other’s e-mail boxes with repeated requests to take actions, or simply we have lost our senses in differentiating what is more critical and urgent matter over others.

Last Sunday, I met Nasim and Jafar, the Iranian couple whose journey has taken them thousands of miles across the globe by bicycles in pursuit of peace and humanity especially between Iran and U.S. 

in March of 2003, some Iraqis danced in streets of Detroit when their country was overrun, in hopes of “freedom” and “democracy” and now they have regretted.

No matter how differently each one of us feel about Iran, war is an abyss with no end in sight, just look at our neighbors, let’s try to stop this potential war before it starts.

PS. It seems though, there are more non-Iranian signatures than Iranian’s on this petition!!

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