Top 10 Reasons you maybe Zanzaleel


10) The last time you went out for a guys only night on the town, Jimmy Carter was the president.

9)  The last time your friends came to your house to watch a game on the TV Karim Abdul Jabbar played for the lakers.

8)  You call your friends and family only when you are alone, usually from the car.

7)  Your brothers, sisters and parents visit your home only with invitation, twice a year even though they live on the same block, while your wife’s family visit frequently, unannounced and then stay for weeks at a time.

7)  You have started to forget what a TV remote looks like.

6)  You bring in 80% of the family income, but she pays all the bills, controls the money and pays you a monthly allowance.

5)  You drive the ’99 Camry while your wife drives the brand new Range Rover.

4)  She allows you to have sex with her once a month.

3)  You don’t dare sing the praise of any other women in your wife is presence.

2)  You are not allowed to use the master bathroom.

1)  Your son asks your wife to hookup the new XBOX.

 Whats missing from this list? 

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