US, Israel and the media charade on Iran!

The US actions on the ground in the past seven years speak louder than words, but, the world media has been busily debating and discussing the smoke and mirrors which US-Israel throws out in its charade. Peace Laureates Jimmy Carter, Desmond Tutu, Mohammad El Baradei et al have been lamenting and wringing their hands about the truth, But everyone will continue swallowing the stories and distractions thrown up by US-Israel charade, as if they were the real thing, which they are not.

US and Israel have been effectively and efficiently destroying Palestine now for sixty years, and the debate and discussions in the media still go on today, just as serious and hopeful as ever, as if it were real; and now they talk about the same threat from Iran that they spoke of Iraq, as if it were real! C’mon!

The mainstream media will ignore a lot of facts and history which say that the Iran objective is not a question of policy change, nuclear armament or disarmament, or even simple regime change in Iran, but is, instead the same as it has always been, to wit: Israel wants Iran destroyed as a state and Balkanized in the manner in which they have done Palestine, and the US has done in Iraq and will settle for nothing less! All else is wind. A charade!

The name of the game is “Destroy Iran”. Not because it is a threa…

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