Israel: Speaking Of Democracy

To Mr.Imame Zamane Mazloom and Mr.Amir Chakhan Pishroo.

I ,myslef, can’t see my bithplace being bombed by Israelis or Americans.And also can’t wait to see Iranian ,those who on daily basis face the Mullahs,find a peacefulway to get rid of these bastards.I will be sick to my stomach to see the repeat of Iraq’s mess in Iran.

I am sure that is not much of concern for you two . Iran is for the Iranian and for those who have decided to call it home and not for those who live outside of Iran .

No intervention or support is necessary ,because we know who will be the outside supporters . Any real change has to be by the Iranians.Nuclear Iran with or without Mullahs ,even if the Shah was in power would not have been acceptable to Israel. You and I and many others have no saying,unless leave the comfort of our home,move back to Iran and fight the Mullahs like a man.America,Israel or no one else care about Iran and Iranian, and why should they. Please do not make this place to market Israel for us, we would love to hear your point of view as long as it is cmmmercial free.Please don’t be “kase dagh tar az aash ”

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