Mexican fury grows at kidnappings

The kidnapping and murder of a 14-year-old boy has caused national outrage in Mexico.

Fernando Marti was abducted in June. His decomposed body was found in the boot of a car in Mexico City this month, even though his family had reportedly paid a ransom.

The murder of the teenager, who belonged to a wealthy family that co-owns Mexico’s largest chain of sports stores, was shocking enough in itself.

But the impact of his death was compounded by the news that a number of police officers, including a police commander, have been arrested in connection with the case.

Television, radio, newspapers and the internet have been filled with people’s reactions to Fernando’s killing. The emotions expressed recall four years ago when Mexico saw huge marches amid a similar sense of insecurity provoked by rising crime.

A new demonstration is already planned for later this month, with tens of thousands expected to attend.

‘Repugnant excuses’

Jose Antonio Ortega, president of the Ya Basta (Enough is Enough) organisation, spoke for many when he said: “Yet again, [we see] police officers implicated in abductions and other atrocious crimes, repugnant excuses and lies from ministry officials and prosecutors, and the fake consternation and empty promises of governors and politicians.”

His comments have resonance because they enforce two widely-held views here. First, that crime is endemic. A… >>>

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