US behind Georgia war: Ex-CIA official

A former senior CIA official, Bill Christison, says Georgia may have received the green light from the US to attack South Ossetia.

Christison made the statement in response to Press TV correspondent’s question whether or not Washington gave the go ahead for Georgia to launch its attack.

The CIA political analyst said that there were quite a few people in the US that supported this kind of conflict and wanted the US to change its position in the Middle East and Central Asia.

He said it was highly possible that Washington actually encouraged Georgia to attack South Ossetia.

“US must stop this conflict so it will not turn in to a larger war,” Christison told the Press TV.

In order to end this conflict the US has to make some kind of ‘comprise’ and stop supporting Georgia’s membership to NATO.

Christison strongly pushed for diplomacy to end the conflict and regretted that the current US administration has been incapable of pushing diplomacy to push its agenda.


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