Musharraf, another American tool bites the dust!

The senior regional partner of US in its “war on terror”, Musharraf,  was not “effective” enough for the US. At least he’s leaving more honorably than Saddam Hussein since he didn’t make free cannon fodders out of his people for America as much as Saddam did!

US has learned that it can not keep its dictators in power until people boil against them to the dangerous limits of Shah of Iran, or Saddam Hussein. But, one way or the other, US has no choice as it has limited money and limited power to keep all its puppets on the throne against the will of millions of its people. Not long after watching Saakashvili in tears, US officials had to watch the emotional farewell of Prevez Musharraf.

I wonder how Lee Bollinger, president of Columbia University , feels now. If he has a memory slightly better than a fruit fly, he should feel really bad that as the head of a reputable university he has made such a public ass out of himself!

After inviting Iran’s democratically elected president by a majority of Iranians, Bollinger greeted Ahmadinejad with the lines which became AIPAC’s officials for months to come. He “welcomed” Ahmadinejad as the “petty cruel dictator of Iran”, while this was his welcome to the military dictator of Pakistan a couple of years earlier:

” Rarely do we have an opportunity such as this to greet a figure of such central and global importance.  It is with great gratitude and excitement that I welcome President Musharraf and his wife, Sehbah Musharraf, to Columbia University….

We at Columbia are eager to listen.  As a community of scholars and as students and faculty who come from everywhere in the world, we take a great scholarly and personal interest in what the President has to say.  The development in Pakistan over the past several years, from its economic growth to its fight against extremism and terrorism, are vital issues for all of us.  Mr. President, as you share your thoughts and insights you will give our students, the leaders of tomorrow, first-hand knowledge of the world their generation will inherit.”

Reminds me of Carter shaking hand with Shah of Iran calling him the “Island of stability” just before he was kicked out. 

Mr. Lee, say good bye.

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