pictory:Remember Your Space 1999 Lunch Box ?

Space 1999 hit Iranian TV by Summer 1977 and I loved the Lunch Box. The Show was one of the Coolest Sci FI’s I had Seen in years. It was also popular in France when I got here but the title sounded so funny for me when I first heard the translation “COSMOS 1999”.

I loved the Eagle Spaceships and the Pyjama sportswear they had. There was also something sexual about the relationships between all the characters on board. I loved Barbara Bain’s Cold Blond looks. She looked like a Volcano about to erupt with an onscreen orgasm under her false cold looks ;0) And the Professor was always saying “Valy John” each time he was about to make a serious decision. Boy Martin Landau looked cool and young in those days. I also had a crush on the Japanese crew member forgot her name. Also couldn’t wait to reach 1999. At least we had an eclipse of the SUN in Isfahan ;0)

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