Orphan in search for my biological family


I’m not sure where to begin.  In 1977, when I was about 2 years old, I was adopted from the Shah’s orphanage in Tehran. I don’t have much to go on, and it’s not certain that I actually was born in Tehran. According to my adoptive parents, I was transferred from another orphanage to the Shah’s orphanage since I was sick, and would receive a better medical attention in Tehran. My adoptive parents do not remember the location of the first orphanage, and I currently see this information as unconfirmed. 

Even if my birthdate can be off with a few days or weeks, at least I can say that I was born in the end of June or beginning of July 1975. 

Maybe you don’t recognize me, but who knows, your relatives in Iran might. I would truly appreciate if you could forward my picture to anyone who you might think could know. Or maybe you know a better forum for me to continue my search?

Thanks for reading, and take care!



PS. The picture posted shows me when I was about two and three years old. 

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