How Judgemental Are You?

I have no problem with discussing matters; however, when it turns into argument I rather step back and ook what is that each side wants to proof and why! It is so interesting that some of my blog comments give me an opportunity to find ttle for the next. In the last blog I wrote about “isolation”, and all I wanted to say was that we human being initially are alone, regardless of living in a society. I brought a back up from Yalom(by the way it ends with “m”), who does not argue, but theorized his idea of existantialism. If an individual wants to reject it, fine with me; however, please do not discredit the guy! This is what I call judgementalism, where we have gathered ideas from here and there and want to put down someone because he/she does not say what we believe. We also go furthur and question his credibility!!! That was when I had to stop and think what was going on. Why do we attack, when we can respect others and go on our way?

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