Women 101

From “Kissing all the frogs” series.

There is a little girl, bright-eyed and hopeful inside of me.

There is a young woman, with a brisk gait, a boisterous laughter, a pair of feet full of dance, and a deep curiosity about people and places never seen inside of me.

There is a sultry woman, a seductress, a mistress, a lover, full of knowing touches and promising glances and welcoming kisses inside of me.

There is a giving mother, a nurturer, and a provider inside of me.

There is a wise old woman, a teacher, a supporter, a leader, a shaper of future inside of me.

There is a loving partner, a kind and devoted wife inside of me.

I am all those woman and they are me.

When I look sexy, there is a little girl inside of me.

When I look like a little girl, I am a mother.

When I look young, I hold the wisdom of history in myself.

Never see me as only one of them.

Never love only one of them.

Never ignore the other women inside of me.

Just as you fall asleep, holding me to your chest, sweaty, content and satisfied, remember,

that tomorrow, the bright-eyed girl in me wants caring,

the wise woman in me wants respect,

the hard-working nurturer in me wants recognition,

the young woman in me wants excitement,

and the partner in me wants fairness.

And when you next run into that 30-, 40-, 50-, 60-year old woman in your neighborhood,

look out for that little girl inside of her.

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