On How Pahlavis failed Neo-Iranism revival

Cyrus the great:

“Soft countries breed soft men ..Prosperity does not come to a nation who worship foreign dieties & lie to her kinzmen….You can leave this rugged land for greener pastures, lose Your heritage and be ruled by other nations or You can live on this rugged land & be masters of the world.

To be fair, one might ask , Why Pahlavis are singled out & not Pan-Ommatist regime of V-ran? !. My logic would be that the Ommatist regime & cultural agents of Qadesiyeh have never claimed their legitimacy or lineage to an Iran-o-Centric doctorine to begin with.  How ever the Pahlavis did,  no matter how superficial & a comical copy-paste of Sassanid era it ended up to be, without true substance. The so called Neo-Iranic revival version of Pahlavis remind me of that petty Turkish King Mozzafar Al Dinshah of Ghajar Dynasty of V-ran who in order to claim his so called lineage to Sassanid nobility ordered artists to carve a stone relief next to the tomb of Achamenead Kings in Naghsh-e-Rostam full with Arabic text. Indeed How comedy plays a role for the history repeated.

Both Reza & Mohammad Reza Shahs of Pahlavi were indeed Patriots in essence & character yet lacked the grand vision & logistics required to carry out the task of reviving,revamping, awakening & solidifying the true Iranic heritage & identity of Pre Qadesiyeh in contemprary V-ran of 20th century.

From the two, Mohammad Reza Shah was bestowed time and time again with great opportunities which comes once every millenium for this country to break free & release itself from the centuries old yoke of Qadesiyeh. But He gave in & gave up too fast & too early at every turn to the cultural agents of alien Pan-Ommatist. He failed great patriots such as Kasravi & their vision . He also failed miserably to drasticaly resurrect & provide the logistics needed to build a lasting nest & infrastructure for the still infant Neo-Iranist vision. What were these logistics?…These are the building blocks of any culture in a nation trying to revive her old native heritage & say good bye to foreign subjugation. It could have been done in one generation max!!. Such as

1- Changing Arabic Alphabet to Aramic Pahlavi with minor adjustment.

2- Cleansing Persian (yes and even dialects such as Kurdish) of %70 Arabic content.

3-Encouraging folks in villages & small towns to choose Iranic names for their newborns & change their foreign last names to native substitute.

4-Force-move most Mullahs to immigrate to Qom & Mashhad for seminaries & give em temporary permits to do sermons, only on special occasions such as Ashura in other locations. 

5-Stop teaching Arabic language as 2nd language of middle & high schools. Since it is the medium for Ommatists to promote their anti-Iran propaganda.

6-Making reading an hour of Shahnameh & patriotic essays in every class mandatory all the way to last year of Universities & Colleges .

7-Discouraging the promotion of majority Post Qadesiyeh Poetry, Kharabati literature which glorified the Pan-Ommatist culture & bemeaned, belittled & dehumanized the true Iranic identity prior to subjugation.

8-Mobilize the whole Media machine, Tv, Radio,…to prioratize the programs & essays involving the promotion of true Iranic spirit of adventurism & challenge. Discourage & Expose the kharabati leftist & Ommatist artists who were bent on brainwashing the youth into zombee Jehadists with no cause.

& there are tons more but right now I,m gone have a water melon…

Don,t get me wrong, He was a great Patriotic Iranian yet In responce to what Iranic legacy required the late Shah to accomplish, He paid undeserving homage to the Mullahs , Organized a cartoon-comedy like farce such as Jashnhayeh 2500 saleh , surronded himself with thieves-  opportunist-charlatans , pushed away patriots such as Bakhtiar  & failed to organize a grass rooted plan to rid  the Iranian psyche from culture of Mavali genes & Ommatist subjugation….In short , He used a kiddie knife to cut the stone.

V-ran will be V-ran with or without Mullahs. The change in concept of who We are & what Iran means will not occur by a simple regime change. It will only come when opportunity represent itself again & We rid ourselves from the Mullahs within us . Don,t keep your hopes high.

May be better luck in 3008!!


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